Foldable House: The Future of Housing
By Antonio

Foldable House: The Future of Housing

If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about a foldable house is one that folds, then you’re definitely not far from the truth. Yup, that’s right; there are houses that are foldable. It sounds so impossible but it’s not. Foldable houses are the thing for people who love moving or those looking for a temporary shelter structure. But this doesn’t mean they carry it in a suitcase.

These foldable houses are not built on a foundation, like conventional houses. They look more like container houses with collapsible edges. Foldable houses were invented in 1961 in New York by Donald Shepard. Back then, it was not popular, but now it’s in high demand.

With the inventor and time of invention out of the way let’s talk about how foldable houses are made. These foldable houses are made of steel, concrete, and expanded polystyrene foam. It can be unfolded in an hour revealing a bedroom, toilet, living room, and kitchen.

How are Foldable Houses Built?

Foldable houses are made in factories. They are built by joining a series of panels, joints, sliders, and hinges. Then, they are shipped to where they’re needed like the buyer’s place or work location, and opened to its full size. It’s as simple as that.

Benefits of Investing in a Foldable House

Why should you get a foldable house? Whether we agree on it or not, foldable houses have their advantages over conventional houses. To put things in better perspective, let’s examine some of the benefits of investing in a foldable house.

Easy relocation

For nomads or anyone who loves the outdoors, foldable houses offer protection as well as the availability of shelter. Foldable houses may not be as small as tents, but they offer something most of us have wished for, for quite a long time. With foldable houses, you get the comfort of a real home and can take it anywhere you want.

It is even more appealing for work purposes, especially construction jobs that have you moving from one location to another. For example, a contractor sets up a foldable house in location A for work, then takes it along with him to a new work site in location B.

It saves money

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Airbnb or staying in a hotel. However, over time, investing in a foldable house. Even the cost of moving the foldable house is relatively cheaper in the long run than renting or staying in a hotel. If you’re always on the move, foldable houses are a viable option.

It does not consume space

Compared to a conventional house, foldable houses consume a lot less space. Since they also come in different sizes, you can choose the best fit. This means they’re ideal for use in any location.


Foldable houses are the new innovation of our century. It saves money and also secures your valuables from any natural disaster. Foldable houses can be moved how many times you want. They are built in factories and shipped to the buyer. Foldable houses are the best for travelers and explorers. Getting a foldable house is the best decision.

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  • November 28, 2022

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