10 Most Common Security Screening Machines In The Market Today
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10 Most Common Security Screening Machines In The Market Today

With increased security concerns on homes and various business enterprises, it has become necessary to choose high-quality security screening machines. However, with newer and extravagant security systems coming up, it has become progressively challenging to identify the basics machinery that one needs. At securina detection, you will find an extensive list of various products that you will find useful. Below are some basic security screening machines that businesses should invest in.

  • Walk Through Metal Detector Door Security Screening Machine                 

Though checked baggage security screening has become the norm in most building entrances, it is also crucial to consider one for a body search. With the ability to provide inspection with limited intrusion, a frame metal detector uses intelligent DSP technology with a detection zone of 45 degrees to provide top-notch security. Additionally, with the a weatherproof body, a display screen and an anti-shock system that eliminates false alarm allows for efficient monitoring hence a great addition to any business.

  • Hand Held Metal Detector Security Wand Security Screening Machine

For small business who are just starting, investing in a full-body scanner is a bit expensive. Offering the same kind of service but at a lower scale is a hand-held detector.  It’s a highly sensitive and security screening machine that is easy to use and can remain working for 40 hours before it requires any recharge. In case of detection of dangerous items like a gun, knife and other contraband automatic audio and vibration alarm are set off hence alerting of possible danger.

  •  Security X-Ray Luggage Scanner Security Screening Machine
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For larger businesses, especially those that receive a higher percentage of persons with luggage, investing in x-ray screening equipment for sale is necessary. Scanning of products is done using x-ray, which scans luggage fed into the conveyor and the results provided in high-quality images. X-ray machines are suitable for scanning handheld luggage, postal parcels, briefcase and small parcels hence ideal for tourist sites, various office buildings and shopping malls.

  • Handheld And Portable Explosive Trace Detector Security Screening Machine

Unfortunately, with the increase of terrorist attacks, explosives have become a major concern for many businesses. When choosing various types of security systems for business, consider purchasing a handheld portable explosive detector. It uses advanced UMS technology that is extremely accurate in measuring Nanogram levels. For this reason, it can detect elements such as Black powder, Semtex and RDX on human body clothing and luggage. Additionally, it can detect cocaine, morphine and Heroin, making it suitable in various situations.

  • Pallet And Cargo X-Ray Scanner Security Screening Machine
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For businesses dealing with large cargo, a pallet and cargo x-ray scanner is one machinery to considering when deliberation what to look for in a security system. With the ability to detect non-organic elements like weapons, explosives and narcotics, it cuts down on security risks. This makes it suitable for port warehouse, carries and forwarders businesses as they can run real-time diagnostics and identify suspicious items.

  • Handheld Raman Spectrometer Identification Of Unknown Chemicals, Explosives And Narcotics Security Screening Machine

To combat smuggling of illegal items in a business premise, especially during events, investing in a handheld spectrometer is necessary. As a chemical identifier, it cuts down on the procedures of identifying unknown liquids, ensuring the security of people in the premise. Its accuracy allows identification of liquids such as Ethanol, Methanol, Chloroform, Acetone and Toluene in seconds. Additionally, it can detect explosives, such as TNT, Sulfur and Ammonium Nitrate and narcotics such as cocaine and Ketamine providing additional support to the building security systems.

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  • Liquid Explosive Detection System Security Screening Machine

Since an increase in liquid explosives and contraband has been noted in the last few years, investing in security screening machine for liquids only is necessary. Ideally, there are over 40 various dangerous liquids available and ensuring that none makes it inside a business premise is essential. This machine can also detect and keeps data in real time, it allows for easy analysis of data collected and hence easy to reinforce necessary security measures.

  • Under Vehicle Inspection Camera With WIFI Function Security Screening Machine

Since most people use vehicles to commute, ensuring that you put in place a system that caters for this is necessary. To find contraband and threats hidden, an under vehicle inspection mirror is necessary. For buildings that pose a more substantial security risk, it’s advisable to invest in an inspection camera with a memory function. Additionally, ensure that it has an adjustable brightness feature and a sufficient run time for effective scanning hence limit smuggling of dangerous items in the building.

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  • Industrial Food Metal Detectors Security Screening Machine

Often, when considering building security systems, most people overlook foods.  However, if you are a business that deals with food and drinks, it’s advisable to invest in a food metal detector to limit cases of unwanted items sneaking in the packaging. The food metal detector is sensitive to metal contaminants and can detect metals in foils. It also works effective for powders, and liquids such as tea and coffee. Because this machine is highly sensitive and has an anti-interference feature, its suitable for assembly lines hence necessary for identifying defective items as it automatically alerts to unsuitable objects.

  • Portable Handheld Road Blocker Tyre Killer Spike Barrier Security Screening Machine

If you need to ensure maximum building security access, it’s advisable to put in place measures to ensure that unwanted persons do not have quick and easy access to the building. People are capable of using vehicles as weapons, investing in a hydraulic blocker, especially for the anti-terrorism situation, is necessary. The tyre killer ejects nails and covers a distance of 5m effectively stopping any vehicles. As it can be effectively launched in less than 7 seconds, it protects people from problematic vehicles.

  • Conclusion

When it comes to security, identifying what your needs are is the first step in choosing ideal security screening machines to invest in. As seen above, the 10 highlighted screening machines from securina detection are basics that will help you secure your home, event or business from security risks.

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