Everything interesting about the installation of LED segment display
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Everything interesting about the installation of LED segment display

Growth of the use of LED display has been fuelled by several factors, including the need of most companies, preferably considering advertising their products plus brands through smart billboards that get connected wirelessly, and the content can easily be changed. Currently, for a better experience in viewing, 3D technology is being employed in LED displays. There is also the implementation of the technology related to the motion sensor, which helps in interactive production. If you are asking yourself how can I install an outdoor LED display? Then you need to keep on reading to get all the information.

LED segment display customization

Manufacturers have the power to fully adhere to what their customers require according to their needs. Globally, there are no specific standards that have been placed in regards to the customization of LED display screens. The company makes the products depending on the customers’ needs of screen size, color specification, the density of pixels, resolution, etc. The following has contributed mainly to continuous innovations being made in the LED industry sector.

Custom LED segment Installation

There are several ways in which LED displays can get custom installed. Let’s check on some of the popular ways in which the process can be achieved successfully below.

  • Double/ single pole installation- the following process involves the LED display being installed on two or one columns. When the screen size is small, a single column will be used, but if it’s large, double columns will be used during the installation process.
  • Hanging installation- this type of process involves hanging the LED both outside and inside depend on what you prefer. The LED is customized to be lightweight, and its panel is mainly made to hang. Before you proceed to install it, you also need to consider the wind factor.
  • Embedded installation- you can also embed an LED on the wall when installing it. However, it’s best for those who won’t consider performing maintenance on the LED from behind because it will be embedded in the wall.
  • Mounted installation- the following type is the most popular among the different types of installations related to LED displays. It’s an easy way to handle any maintenance behind the product anytime.
  • The F-Type installation-it involves the LED being hung from the side of a pole, which later forms a letter F resemblance. The LED should be a bit lightweight so that it doesn’t fall.
  • Portal gantry installation- two poles that are placed across a road, street, or specific area are used in the installation of an LED display. Mainly, it’s suitable for those who need to use large screens for promotional or advertising purposes.
  • Rooftop installation- LED screen displays are placed on the rooftop of a building, which will suit your aim on making an advertisement.
  • Mobile van installation-an LED is mounted on a mobile van, which is always recommended to be smaller in size and lightweight. Most companies that are advertising their products and services use such installations when on the move to promote what they are offering to their clients.
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  • October 16, 2020

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