PTFE Wax: What You Need to Know
By Antonio

PTFE Wax: What You Need to Know

Roy first discovered polytetrafluoroethylene in 1938. Since then, the uses of PTFE wax has intensively expanded. Micronized PTFE wax is known to reduce friction and increase the performance of anti-slippery and lubricating. Here is what you need to know on PTFE wax.

  • Used For Scratch Resistance

Micronized PTFE acts as an additive to powder coatings. It improves the grip, and it is scratch resistance. So if you manufacture powder coating and solvent-free paints, consider adding PTFE wax to protect the products which you coat.

  • Lubricating

With the small particles of the PTFE micro powders, it can be used in any lubricant. High-speed engines, kneading machines, and gearing equipment require oil-free lubricant. Therefore, PTFE wax is an ideal lubricant.

However, other machines require oil-based lubricant, and you can add wax to act as wear resistance, temperature resistance, and improve the capability of the machine’s load-bearing.

Also, during the processing of rubber and plastics, the wax can prevent the stickiness and sliding of the materials.

  • Printing Ink

The size of the PTFE wax allows its use on a thin film. Also, it has heat and scratch resistance, which ensures your printing ink retains the consistency and remains scratch-free. Also, it is an excellent solvent resistance that ensures your printing remain solid even after the printed film is exposed to liquids.

 The quality of a film printed with ink containing micronized wax is outstanding as compared to one with none. The abrasion resistance of the wax ensures a quick printing process.

  • Coating Wood Surface

PTFE micro powder is mixed in an ideal solvent to ease application on the wood products. So, if you deal in furniture designing, consider using PTFE wax emulsion to give your furniture products a shiny and glossy look. The wax also fills in any scratch on the wood that might have occurred when modifying it.

Additionally, the wax acts as a protective barrier against water. If your furniture absorbs water, molds, and mildew grow on them, which can result in losing the furniture’s quality or the furniture itself.

  • Paints

Paint has a wide use. Some people use paint to beautify a house, like water resistance and more. So, if the paint contains micronized wax, it can be used as anti-corrosion paint which is painted on machinery. For example, a drilling machine is large equipment and is commonly packed in an open field, increasing the chances of its contact with harsh weather. In that case, use a paint containing PTFE wax to that is anti-corrosive.

  • Manufacturing Of Battery

PTFE wax increases battery life. Also, it reduces the production cost that would have been used during the manufacturing of the battery.

Take Away Wax has a wide range of benefits, and some are yet to be discovered. However, the decrease in beekeeping means a decrease in bee wax. That is why you should consider other types of wax-like synthetic wax, micronized wax, and other types of wax. Lastly, always inform your supplier of your requirements before you purchase any wax.

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