The difference between ABS vs. PLA materials
By Antonio

The difference between ABS vs. PLA materials

Arguably, ABS vs PLA filaments are some of the commonly used 3D printing materials. Various factors such as outstanding qualities, general ease while printing and relatively low price make them popular. However, each element possesses unique printing settings and material properties, hence making each of them useful in different fields. In this article, we shall compare PLA vs. abs materials on several features.

  • Melting point

Unquestionably, abs melting point vs. PLA varies, thus making the two materials to be different. Although ABS has no definite melting point, the standard printing temperature is 230 degrees Celsius. However, a glass transition temperature is approximately 105 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, PLA melting point is between 180 and 220 degrees Celsius. However, it is recommended that it at 60 degrees Celsius.

  • Durability

While choosing between eco PLA vs. ABS, durability is one of the essential factors to consider. You need to purchase a product that will last you for a relatively long period. However, PLA is relatively brittle, thus making its parts to be poorly durable. ABS materials, on the other hand, last longer.

ABS / PLA materials
  • Heat resistance

You might have had people asking what is PLA filament made of. One of the reasons that could have led to such a question is its weak heat resistance. As a result, it is commonly used for hobbyist applications. Comparatively, ABS has a more superior heat deflection, thus making it more suitable for various applications.

  • Availability

Arguably, the two materials are relatively available in the market. However, due to the best 3D printer for abs filaments being on a higher demand while compared to PLA printers, the ABS machines might be out of stock from time to time. Most individuals prefer using ABS filaments due to its relatively high strength, among other things.

  • Price

Price is one of the essential factors to consider while purchasing both the best PLA and the best abs 3D printer. However, the printers made of the two materials in question vary slightly. For instance, a kilogram of ABS filament is approximately $20USD, while PLA goes for roughly $19USD. Consequently, the prices of the two machines differ as a result.

  • Strength
ABS / PLA materials

The PLA vs. ABS strength is almost similar. Therefore, the two materials are both adequate for various prototyping applications. However, ABS has an improved ductility in comparison to PLA, thus making it the most preferred material. As a result, it can be used across industries since it is not easy to break.

The bottom line

Conclusively, the article has explained differences in PLA vs. ABS materials. Some of the most significant features to check are the strength of the two elements, price difference, availability, heat resistance, durability, and the melting point. These factors are the most essential to help you decide which of the two materials is more suitable for your application. Therefore, before settling the material to use, you should consider using this article as your guide.

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  • November 11, 2019

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