General Knowledge About An Active Electric Buzzer
By Antonio

General Knowledge About An Active Electric Buzzer

An electric active buzzer was created by the prominent scientist known as Joseph Henry. Since then, it has been used in the creation of doorbells. Around the 1940s, active buzzers were mainly utilized in playing music chimes. This is because they had a soft tone. Over the years, the buzzers became prominent in the Japanese community. Most manufacturing companies embraced active buzzer. Today, an active electric buzzer is used in different sectors. Here is the general knowledge you need to have regarding this device.

  • The Mechanism Of Sound Production

Unlike the passive buzzer that needs to be triggered manually in order to produce some tone, an active buzzer is capable of producing its sound at different intervals. This implies that you don’t have to trigger it manually. By applying its oscillation, the device will be able to produce its sound. On the other hand, when polarity is applied to the invention, the ceramics end up shrinking. The metal then takes a bend towards the device’s opposite direction.

  • The Voltage

An active buzzer requires an average amount of voltage to start operation. The internal oscillator will use a DC voltage in its operations. Unlike the passive buzzer that needs an AC signal to produce some sound, an active buzzer requires an internal vibration that triggers it. The result is a trigger through a buzz that has a defined frequency of up to 2300 Hz. 

  •  The Pros Of Using An Active Buzzer

One of the main reasons why people prefer to use an active buzzer over a passive buzzer is the fact that it has an internal oscillating movement. The current facilitates sound production depending on the needs of the user. This implies that the electric buzzer will operate automatically. Besides, it also has many uses appended to it. For instance, it can be used in the case of creating a loud alarm at the door. Other people like to use active buzzer since they can utilize a steady DC power. This will help in producing a variety of sounds.

  • Understanding The Buzzer’s Driving Method

An active buzzer has a self-sufficient self-drive within. Since it also has an internal set of circuits, it can easily emit sound. This is mostly possible when connecting the device to direct current. Following the principle of operating, the active buzzer should apply up to ½ square waves when operating.


An active buzzer can create different tones especially when oscillation is applied. Apart from that, there are many applications of an active buzzer. For instance, it can be used in the development of doorbells or forming an alarming ring tone appended to a clock. Also, an active electric buzzer may be used in alerting different security departments of the impending danger surrounding the environment. Besides, with an active buzzer, you don’t need to be aggressive at pursuing the ringtone. You’ll realize that the device is often ready to produce some tone.

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