A look into the different types of built-in tubs
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A look into the different types of built-in tubs

Built-in bathtubs also go by the names drop-in bathtubs, platform bathtubs, or deck mounted tubs. The main defining feature of this category of bathtubs is that they have a drop-in design. This feature means that the rim of the tub is flushed with the deck. This type is a high-end design commonly used in spas. The tub also features in-depth soaking features that encourage relaxation as well as premium bearings. Built-in bathtubs are built with slide scoring units on each side and eight grips evenly distributed. The grips are designed as non-slip to allow for safety when using the tub. One of the challenges of owning a drop-in bathtub is that it can be easy to enter and get out of the tub. This fact is supported by design. In this post, we look into the types of built-in bathtubs. 

  • Standard drop-in bathtubs

These are bathtubs that are installed onto an existing surround. This fact means that standard built-in tubs have a more substantial length than their counterparts. This makes it difficult to walk into and out of the tub. The lifted edges can be made using different materials than the inside. For instance, the inside of the tub can be made from marble, while the sides can be made from concrete. Regardless of the materials used to make the tubs, standard drop-in bathtubs are more cost-efficient than other types of baths in the market.

Additionally, this type of bathtubs is designed with cabinets on the sides. The cabinets allow for storage spaces for shampoos, towels and other toiletries. This is an added advantage of this form of tubs. Another benefit of this product is that it is easy to install.

  • Step-up drop-in bathtubs

Unlike the first option, this type of bathtub does not feature long edges. This element means that it is more comfortable to walk in and out of the tub. The fact that the sides are not as long as the latter implies that they do not feature storage spaces. Installing this type of bathtub is way more comfortable and more cost-efficient than their counterparts. Some of the similarities between this type and the type mentioned above of built-in tub are that they both are installed in the same manner. Another similarity lies in the materials that can be used in their construction.

  • Corner built-in bathtubs

There are two types of built-in corner bathtubs:

  • Triangle built-in conner tubs- this type is similar to the standard built-in bath except for the shape and positioning
  • Rectangle built-in corner tubs- this type of tub is built on a raised platform. It features a rectangular shape and is positioned at the corner of a bathroom. It is a versatile design, and it utilizes the space in the bathroom. This type of tub features an enclosed glass for a more luxurious appeal

Bottom Line

The downside to drop-in bathtubs is that they offer limited accessibility. This element means that users can only access the tub from one side. Built-in tubs are also limited to one location in the bathroom.

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  • January 19, 2020

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