Custom CNC Machining Parts and Their Applications
By Antonio

Custom CNC Machining Parts and Their Applications

In history, metals have been tailored for various parts of production. A few years ago, plastic became an alternative for different metal types in various industries. Therefore, there has been a rise in the demand for CNC Machining plastic and its use. Computer numerical control, also known as custom CNC Machining, uses various computer programs to control the machine processes. Here is a rundown of custom CNC machined parts.

Understanding custom CNC Machining

As the name suggests, custom machining involves creating various parts that may not be existing anywhere else. This can take the form of CNC machining such as CNC turning, milling, coupled with EDM, that a company can quickly provide with the capacity. The custom part can be as precise and as clear as a single gear. Even so, if you need gear of a particular size and material, you can always reach out to individuals who offer precision parts based on your demands.

Industries that would do with Custom CNC Machining

Every industry needs an element of CNC Machining. If the company is searching for precise, accurate parts in CNC businesses, these could be complex to launch using a traditional method. That is where CNC Machining comes in. A few industries that need custom CNC Machining are such as:

1. Aerospace

The aerospace industry is quickly growing. Therefore, there is a need for quality management systems utilized to support construction. The quality management systems must meet the ISO certification standards. According to the guidelines, the machining provider should meet a regulatory requirement. For that reason, all businesses holding onto these standards need to pledge customer needs. That is where custom CNC Machining comes in. The strategy is used to help make complex parts.

2. Medical sector

The medical sector is crucial to supporting the well-being of citizens across the world. Implants coupled with medical devices need CNC machining input to create individual and smaller batches of the machine parts. Precision machining makes this possible for the most accurate dimensions needed.

Over and above, medical professionals rely on various CNC Machined parts. For example, surgical tools formed from a metallic piece needed during operations should have removable parts. By producing a new surgical tool, a mechanist will assist a doctor in avoiding contamination caused by reusing various tools right after the improper cleaning of products.

3. Automotive

The automotive sector uses CNC machining for production. It also applies to prototypes for consumer goods production. An extruded metal may easily be machined into valves and axels. It can also be machined into other components. On the other hand, plastic products can easily be machined into dashboard panels coupled with gas gauges. Custom CNC can also be tremendously helpful in creating automotive parts.

Final Thoughts

Custom CNC machining can be used independently of a different manufacturing process. Merging it with processes such as 3D printing may lead to a relatively superior part coupled with the product. Or for instance, it would be possible for a CNC machine element like a hole and thread to be printed as a cast product.

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  • April 13, 2021

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