How custom manufacturing has helped improved my production
By Antonio

How custom manufacturing has helped improved my production

My steel-producing company had been producing effectively and efficiently over a long time. We could produce several sheets of steel in a day and the trend was encouraging. Recently, a technician approached me on the need to further improve the quality of steel my company produces as well as the lead-time.

Oftentimes, different customers would complain that they could not get their steel right on time. The production of steel was taking a little more time than customers would have loved. I knew that the production of steel in my company needed a turnaround.

Custom manufacturing company
Custom manufacturing company

Needs-meeting manufacturing

Since I already had the specific features that I desired in my pieces of equipment for producing steel, all I did was to consult a custom manufacturing company. This company was able to meet all my specified and unique design for a more efficient steel producing machine.

The previous equipment I was using in my company was that of mass production. But ever since I had shifted to the custom manufactured one, my customers have expressed their delight at the rate of production. The machines that were custom built have been quite effective and have been instrumental to the increased and improved service that my company renders to the customers.

Custom-built according to specifications

The custom manufacturing company responded quite well to the specifications that I submitted. They submitted a three-dimensional representation and sketch of what I needed them to manufacture so as to increase the efficiency of my machine. I had learned that prototyping was way costly, let alone the cost of production.

The custom manufacturing company was able to debunk this theory in that they delivered my custom manufactured product at a low cost. Since the number of products I requested for custom manufacturing was not much, the company carefully followed my specifications down to the letter.

Custom manufacturing company
Custom manufacturing company

Custom manufacturing aims at the best

A unique advantage of custom manufacturing that I have experienced is that it allows for feedbacks. The custom manufacturing company consistently showed me how they went about custom production. At some points along the line, I had to make corrections so as to put them on the right track and to strictly adhere to what I wanted. As I responded via the feedbacks, they were able to effect changes to their production.

The custom manufacturing company has several departments that work together in order to manufacture products that suit the interest of the customers.  Some of the personnel involved are:

  • Project managers: These are individuals in the company that was responsible for managing and overseeing the activities of the manufacturing team about the projects ongoing.
  • Product designers: The designers came up with a sketch and plan of the specific information about the project I decided to do.
  • Quality Control team: These men were in charge of ensuring that the custom manufactured product was exactly matching the need of my company.
  • Custom manufacturing company
    Custom manufacturing company

Custom manufacturing is of an immense help to the production of equipment in the industry. My company is able to produce better and efficiently with the help of the custom manufactured equipment we use in production. We deliver according to the interest of the client as also within the set-time of delivery. Custom manufacturing has helped to improve the time between the initiation of a customer’s project and the time of its completion.

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