Discover Nails Manufacturing Process
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Discover Nails Manufacturing Process

Your knowledge of nails stops at the basics; a metal rod that is pointing at one end. Using it against a hammer might not spark your curiosity on the manufacture of nails. Moreover, you might not even know the nail parts and be further shocked to know there are over 300 types of nails.

That aside, the nail apex is one that you need to get affiliated. The breakdown of nail production line involves the nail making machine equipment, wire drawing machine, nail washing machine among an array of equipment for nail making the machine.

Nail Manufacturing Process

The nail producing process comprises wire drawing, molding, and polishing. The drawing of the coil is required diameter from its original round steel shape. You’ll be quite finished when you mold the bottom and nail of the head because once you polish the coil, you will have yourself a nail.

An abstract of the operation way in the nail manufacturing process is as such:

  • Wire drawing. The first stage and its off-set involve shell peeling followed by descaling the wire. Once that is done, you can draw the coil to the diameter that you want.
  • Nail making. The nail making machine and its auxiliary components then make the required nail.
  • Nail polishing. The nail making machine punches the head to form a cap, your nail will need polishing. It is a task destined for the nail polishing machine. It mixes nails with sawdust synchronously to help achieve the required brightness.
  • Metering and packing.

Nails Making Machine

The nail making machine is used in the production of both conventional and special nails. The nails that are made by a nail making machine include the common nail, GI nail, concrete nail and the coil nail. It is automatic thus has a solid run, simple to use and has extensive uses. Moreover, it comes with auxiliary components for elite precision in nail manufacturing.

The plunger type structure which the nail making machine adopts suits its course. The structure enhances high speed in nail manufacturing and also buffers noise with less impact. The machine is kept in cyclic motion by a centralized automated lubricated system.

If you are into welding, the nail making machine tows the crème of nails on your threshold. The nail making machine is capable of making the highest quality of oil rivet nails and a variety of shaped nails that you use in nail guns as well as a welding nailer.

Once you buy a steel coil and draw it to a diameter specific to nails, the nail making machine will do the rest for you; straightening the wire, cutting the bottom of the nail and punches the head to form the cap.

Recent developments on the nail making machine have created an in a machine system. With this recent modification, the nail making machine is capable of making nails of specified sizes. Due to the adjustments implores cutting and shaping of coiled wire.

Nail Making Machine Process

  • Polishing drum.

The polishing drum polishes wire nails. If they become rusty, you have to add ½ liter kerosene before adding sawdust and if not, load the polishing barrel with wire nails until it is 3 or 4 inches full. Mixing the nails with sawdust which you ought to add about 80% to fill the polishing barrel. You then run the barrel for up to 40 minutes with the blind lid.

Once the 40 minutes elapses, you have to change the lid from blind to perforate. Running the barrel with the perforated lid fixed helps remove sawdust. In this process nails become bright. For a mirror finish, you can only use a soft leather piece for the polishing drum instead of sawdust.

  • Cutting grinder.
  • Polishing barrel.
  • Wire drawing machine. The wire drawing machine has many frontiers up its sleeve. It can draw wires vertically and automatically. The wire drawing machine is one that shapes up nails because of its four derivatives such as sturdy construction, reliability, corrosion resistance and durability.

There are two types of wire drawing machine; dry type wire drawing machine and wet type wire drawing machine.

  • A screw is making the machine.

Besides polishing and descaling which are overlay nail making machine process, there are other underlying factors in the nail production line.

Starting from the wire rod, you proceed to descale where the nail shelling is peeled off. Before wire drawing in the wire drawing machine, there is acid picking which gradually leads to nail making. The nails are after that polished with the degree of brightness you choose but have to pass inspection, and after that the nails are packed.

Nails Polishing Machine

Once the nail making machine forms the cap, the coil needs to be polished for it to qualify as a nail. The nail polishing machine makes the nail brighter by mixing it with sawdust and stirs it synchronously. Hence will help you achieve a required degree of brightness.

Wire drawing

This metalworking process helps reduce the cross-section of a wire. Wire drawing has many applications and is not entitled to nail making alone. By being able to minimize wire cross-section by passing the wire through either a series of dies, this manufacturing technique is a borrowed concept.

It is used for stringed instruments, electrical wiring and even the spokes for your bicycle wheels. Wire drawing is a cold working process for nails because it draws wire nails at room temperature. Unlike large wires that are drawn at higher temperatures.

Depending on the length and diameter of nails, the wire drawing machine pulls the wire nails through smaller dies to decrease nail diameter and increase nail length. The wire drawing machine is capable of accomplishing great feats by drawing wire nails in bundles.

The whole intrigue of the nail making process is intense. They are small on the outside but what it takes for the final product to manifest takes a lot of time and machining. The nail production line is full of rigors, but the nail making machines simplify it rather than making it difficult.

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