Eye-Catching Features of the Novastar VX4S
By Antonio

Eye-Catching Features of the Novastar VX4S

The VX4S is an LED display control with a robust front-end for processing. It is designed to meet the demands of the people working in the broadcast industry with a variety of professional interfaces that are flexible enough to serve your needs. The integrated image quality is also one additional feature that most users of this device prefer. As technology advances, more products are being introduced into the market so that consumer needs are served diligently. Because various producers are handling these products, it is essential to learn how to choose the right one. Here is a rundown of fascinating features of Novastar VX4S All-in-1 Controller to grasp the basics of the product. 

The Novastar VX4s features are;

  • Novastar has various inputs, such as CVBS *2 and HDMI*1. These two make the device user friendly and supportive of various projects
  • The inputs of this product support a high resolution that most users will find to be important in their production needs
  • The HDMIof the product is external
  • Users can easily zoom in when the need arises
  • It comes with a video source

Other additional features of this product include

  • It comes with a 3 m loading capacity
  • It can support various controller montage specifically for uploading on a large screen
  • There is no need for a computer system configuration
  • The system can easily get configured just by using a single knob

The device can quickly implement a huge balance calibration coupled with gamut mapping

  • Additionally, the device comes with an LCD interfacethat is eye-catching to users
  • The device’s size can get adjusted as it is flexible
  • It can maintain a high-speed switch coupled with some fade-out effect that can quickly help to strengthen picture quality.

The LCD system has a user-friendly design.

  • It has intuitive LCD displays to simplify the control of the system.


What you Will Like About the Input

  • This device comes with two significant ports
  • The ports have a PAL
  • The ports have 1VGA ports with maximum support
  • The single ports come with 1080 input and support from HDCP
  • The 1 DP port comes with a VESA standard

Looking at the Output:

The output of the device has the following essential features

  • A single DVI LOOP that happens to be consistent with the DVI input
  • One dedicated VGA monitoring output in the machine.
  • 1 SDI loop that is consistent with the SDI input

Final Thoughts

The market for Novastar VX4s is quickly growing to accommodate more users. That is why it is crucial to comprehend the features of the device before investing in them. For instance, the machine’s specifications include the Input power of the AC100 and the overall power consumption of approximately 25W. It also comes with an operating temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. When it comes to price and affordability, you will be surprised to learn that the device is approximately $1,400. A few reviewers from online shopping sites have reiterated that it is a top-notch product with many benefits to reap from.

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  • September 29, 2020

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