What are the features of the shot blasting room?
By Antonio

What are the features of the shot blasting room?

Metal processing remains a core aspect of the manufacturing industry and the many production outlets require metal cleansing for their products. Shot blasting s one of the methods employed in the processing of metal sheets as it’s quite effective in giving the metal the desired appearance. In carrying out this operation on a large scale, there’s often a need to set up a shot blasting room.

A shot blasting room can be referred to as a closed room that’s designed to be used for blasting components that have unique geometry and structure. These rooms have specific requirements that are put in place to ensure smooth operation as well as the safety of the personnel working there. This article highlights some of the important features of a shot blasting room.

Enhancing the corrosion resistance of the metal

One of the top advantages of metal over plastic in production is its ability to resist corrosion. However, this feature is not present in some metals and this is where the shot blasting operation is needed. Certain metals are naturally resistant to corrosion to an extent but this property can be enhanced in the shot blasting room.

Improve the fatigue limit of the metal

Every producer wants their products to have a certain level of durability and steel guarantees this kind of durability. Metals have a high-level endurance limit but it’s been observed that this level reduces with the continuous exposure of such metal to rain and sunlight. Steel strengthening is one of the foremost operations carried out in the shot blasting room for the purpose of increasing the durability of products made from such steel.

Environmental Pollution is greatly reduced

Carrying out the shot blasting operation in a safe and enclosed room ensures the amount of pollution released to the environment is reduced to the barest minimum. Furthermore, safety procedures and guidelines can be strictly adhered to within the enclosure.

Optimizing the state of the steel surface

In the production of certain hardware like mobile phones and computers, steel products are required. However, there’s a level of finesses that the surface of these products must have before it can be used in production. The products are taken to the shot blasting room and the surface is cleaned and optimized for hardware production purposes.

Enhancing the bonding between metals and paintings

Metals have proven to be more desirable when the coating applied to it is glossy and shiny. Furthermore, steel coating improves its ability to withstand corrosion for many years. However, some metals lack the properties that let these coatings stay on the surface of the metal for a long while. One of the important operations in the shot blasting room is that of improving the capacity of metallic surfaces to retain coating.

Final thoughts

The benefits that accompany the use of shot blasting rooms in carrying out metal processing cannot be overemphasized. The shot blasting room makes it quite possible to process bulky products that have intrinsic details seamlessly.

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  • April 30, 2020

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