Key CNC Programming Concepts to Master
By Antonio

Key CNC Programming Concepts to Master

As a programmer, you need to be in the know-how of a CNC center’s characteristics and the machining processes. You should also identify the necessary components of the processes and their moving components. Over and above, you also need to know the machine’s programmable functions, coupled with their programming concepts. Take a quick look at this site to learn more about the subject.

1. Vertical Machining Centers and How They Work

A vertical machining center comes with a spindle that is oriented vertically. This feature is useful in cutting tools and points downwards toward the table of the machine. The same spindle has an orientation with chips that tend to garner some build up on the working space.

The buildup found on the workpiece can interfere with machining and their operations. But this is a prominent machining center given that it resembles the conventional machine. Operators with experience using a vertical machining center need to be familiar.

An automatic charger used for the tools is usually mounted on the machine’s left side for tools to be loaded onto the spindle, usually without the operator’s help.

2. CAM System Programming and how It Works

CAM systems usually allow various CNC programming tasks to be accomplished higher than the standard manual programming. The two are becoming more prominent in the industry.

Precisely put. a CAM system assists the programmer in three main areas:

It keeps you from calculating indexes and makes it easy to program a variety of machines with a standard language. Besides, it also assists you with certain machining practice functions.

With the CAM system, you will have access to a computer to prepare the CNC program. The computer can then generate the G-code program like a CNC program developed manually. When finished, the program is transferred to the machining tool.

CAM systems can be categorized into two: word address and graphic systems. Word address demands that programs are written in a similar language to C language and other different programming languages. The same CAM systems demand that the program is written manually.

And while some of the systems are a variety of word address systems, they appear to be challenging to use, and you should be aware of this.

3. Offsets

There are different forms of compensation in the CNC machining industry. All types of compensation happen to work with these offsets, and you need to categorically think of the offsets like memories on a calculator that is operated electronically.

If the calculator has memories, then you can easily store a constant value in every memory for your future use during a calculation. Like the memories of an electric calculator, your machining offset is stored in a particular storage location where numerical values can be put.

Final Thoughts

Manual programming is tedious. The commands involved in the whole thing are cryptic. As a CNC programmer, you need to understand different manual programming techniques extensively, even if you will not use them. That way, you can apply them to the relevant subjects. As a programmar, it’s best to keep yourself apprised with all that you revolve around your area of work; that is how you remain informed and the best there is.

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  • November 2, 2020

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