Samurai Swords Expert: What you need to do
By Antonio

Samurai Swords Expert: What you need to do

We see them in movies and read about them in certain novels. Samurai soldiers have numerous tales told about them today. Their deeds, virtuous spirits and stories are still echoing from ancient Japan till this day. However, are all the stories told about the samurai warriors true? Are they invincible? Do they truly use only swords as weapons? Are they as principled and peace-loving as portrayed in the movies? Finally, just who is a samurai swords expert? All of these will be discussed in this article.  

Understanding Samurai Warriors

First of all, let us start with the facts. Yes, samurai warriors existed. Yes, they originated from ancient Japan. The title of “Samurai” was a hereditary one. This means that at the time, being a samurai could be viewed as having a noble title. A samurai would live all of his life under the leadership of only one master or feudal lord.

 These feudal lords were traditionally referred to as the “daimyo”. After the death of the samurai, his heir will inherit the mantle of samurai and serve till death (and so on). So the stories told concerning how loyal samurai warriors were are true. At the very least most of them were loyal till death. However, they were still human so it would be impossible for one “bad” samurai not to have existed.

Concerning their principled and peace-loving image, the stories are equally true. Various schools of thought influenced the way of life of the samurai.

But the most prominent influences were Buddhism and Zen. Some eventually became Buddhist monks as they concluded that violence is pointless. Some even came to this conclusion on the battlefield (referred to as a stroke of inspiration) leading to their deaths.

It is even said that one could die a happy death in the evening as long as he achieves the dao in the morning.

Who were Samurai Swords Experts

Now to the main topic, the samurai swords expert. These samurai swords expert were essential parts of the samurai warriors` community. Being referred to as a samurai swords expert does not mean one is a samurai. These experts were those who forged the swords of the samurai warriors. The samurai warriors typically carried two swords. One long sword and a short sword. These swords were so vital that they had vital traditional significance.

So you see, a samurai swords expert is a samurai warrior` close companion. The samurai swords expert used various arts and techniques to extract vital ores to forge a strong blade for the samurai. At the time, Japanese steel was one of the most formidable forging metals. It was even said to be able to cut through steel after being crafted by a samurai swords expert.


In conclusion, the samurai swords expert could be referred to as a swordsmith. Fun fact, these samurai swords experts are still available today. They can customise swords to fit whatever reasonable specifications you might have. The art of crafting original samurai swords is still alive.

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  • June 11, 2020

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