Save money and time with UET PCB Manufacturer
By Antonio

Save money and time with UET PCB Manufacturer

Are you in search to find responsible PCB fabricators? Look no further as UET PCB manufacturer has much to offer when it comes to turning out regular cost-effective products. They have managed to captivate their audience since 2005 with premium solutions. Here is why:

custom PCB fabrication:

with such outstanding quality of PCB manufacturing with exceptional teamwork and fantastic customers, UET has shined bright. Their services include /hi-temp FR4, aluminum board, Flex/rigid-flex, speed, and Hybrid board. You have a PCB to create? UET will help you select the best components with intelligent low costing products that guarantee long term satisfaction. Now you don’t need to go from vendor to vendor when you have it all here. Whether you want to inspire your product from a previous prototype or looking to make one of a kind board, their expert mechanism will ensure perfection.

Why you should go for Prototype PCB:

PCB Fabrication requires years of experience and exceptional skills, so UET has the facilities for testing, designing, and checking each phase of progress. Their team of passionate professionals works around the clock to produce low cost but high-quality products that include prototypes. Their turn over times is incomparable, and their affordable consulting charges are inviting. They will help you find the best components to make your product with durable analysis before providing a quote.

Standard and flexible PCB:

UET has the added advantage of having fifteen plus years of market experience that centers around superior quick turn PCBs and complex fabrication boards. Their services are enjoyed around the world by engineers and market leaders alike with many projects like FR4 and Rogers. They specialize in making flexible PCB products from start to the final assembly. These flexible boards are used in the telecommunication industry, electronic equipment, and medical devices. Moreover, their skilled professionals also offer custom PCB set up that manages to meet the client’s reequipment to the notch.

Flex-rigid and multilayer PCB:

With such premium equipment and labs at their disposal, the professionals at UET are able to make flex-rigid boards with custom features. They also do custom orders from scratch for many important industries that have a medical or aerospace background. They also do replace wire and wire harness assemblies in flex boards without adding additional charges to the service.

The company is also capable of producing up to forty to fifty circuit boards in one turn out, which is impressive. Not just that, each project comes with a consultant that advises the clients on the analysis and design of the multilayer board. This decreases the requirement to go to multiple vendors and loss of money and performance.


UET has a trustworthy customer base that understands their unique service and capable professionals. Not only that, but they also follow a rigid scheme of rules and regulation with the help of certifications to ensure satisfaction each time; these are:

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 13485



ITAR Certified

IPC-A-610-D and ANSI/J-STD-001 standards – Class II and Class III only

UET PCB Manufacturer is one of a kind company, dedicated to providing the best service to their international client base.

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  • September 4, 2020

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