How To Maintain Your Stainless Steel Brewing Equipment
By Antonio

How To Maintain Your Stainless Steel Brewing Equipment

The process of manufacturing beer is a complex one. Earlier in the day, people would make beer in the comfort of their homes. However, currently, beer making has been commercialized. Commercial beer making companies use specialized beer brewing equipment to achieve mass production of the products. Using such material requires specific know-how and prowess.  Bearing in mind that water is a significant raw material in the manufacture of beer, stainless steel is a preferred material in manufacturing brewing equipment. The reason why most of this equipment is made from stainless steel is that the material is resistant to issues like rust and corrosion.

Why Use Stainless steel and not steel?

When it comes to brewing equipment, steel is not a favorable option. The reason is that when steel is used consistently over a long time, it becomes susceptible to rust and corrosion. On the other hand, stainless steel is made from a combination of carbon, iron, and chromium. The chromium in stainless steel is responsible for its resistance to rust and corrosion. It works in such a way that it creates a protective layer known as chromium oxide when it combines with oxygen. The chromium oxide helps to protect the object with which it is made from damages. However, the coat of chromium oxide can be destroyed by bleaches. This leaves the iron component vulnerable to rust. Therefore, manufacturers using equipment made of stainless steel work towards avoiding bleaches that can ruin the coating. 

How to maintain brewing equipment that is made from stainless steel

  • First, you can maintain your stainless steel brewing equipment by avoiding the use of bleaches and scoring equipment that can damage the protective chromium oxide layer.
  • Also, avoid exposing the equipment to plain steel. Keep in mind the fact that steel experiences rust very fast. when the rust develops, it may lead to the destruction of the chromium oxide layer if the stainless steel is next to the corroded steel
  • You can also maintain the equipment using the passivation process. This is the process where the steel is dipped into nitric acid either to remove contaminants or to trigger the formation of the chromium oxide layer. When stainless steel is dipped in nitric acid, the reaction between chromium and oxygen in the acid is triggered. This leads to the formation of the protective coating.  This process is done immediately; the equipment is acquired. It can also be carried out as a mode of cleaning after production. The nitric acid cleanses the remnants of the brewing process while activating the reaction. This comes in handy when the layer has been destroyed in the cleaning process.
  • Once you decide to start a brewery, you also need to have a repair crew on call. A malfunction in single equipment can lead to a collapse in the entire brewing process. Therefore, damages should always be fixed immediately.


You can also maintain your brewing equipment by regularly lubricating the moving parts. This will help to keep the process smooth at all times. You can come up with a schedule for lubricating so that you do not miss any part.

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  • March 19, 2020

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