Use Stainless Steel Tube Suppliers To Fulfill Your Needs
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Use Stainless Steel Tube Suppliers To Fulfill Your Needs

Are you looking for a company that provides quality stainless steel pipes? Then you would like to contact Stainless Steel Tube Suppliers. They have a massive variety of stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes for their customers. They provide stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes, fittings, and flanges to fulfill your needs. A lot of manufacturers are in contact with them for availing their products. All of their products are of high-grade steel and the best quality material.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Tube Suppliers

INKOS all piping solutions are a leading company in the stainless steel products industry for fifteen years. They have all the expertise in a nickel alloy and stainless steel tubes and other similar products. They make sure the quality of the products is up to the mark and meet their deadlines strictly. They have the ability of mass production of pipes, fasteners, flanges, and fittings on a contract basis.

You can contact them 24/7 to solve your queries or to get information about them and their services. They also give you the option of returning their products if you face trouble or issues while using them. After placing your order, you can have your standard size product ready for delivery within seven days. Custom size product fabrication is also available at the company. They also have tons of stocks of various stainless steel and nickel alloy tubes, flanges, fasteners, and fittings ready for delivery.

Quality Inspections

The quality tests are done three times before finalizing the products. First, the raw material is tested before fabrication. Then products are tested while under production, and final tests are done before they are delivered to the customers. The quality inspections include testing products’ physical properties, dimensions gauged, and testing its chemical composition. Complete documentation of the comprehensive inspections is made, which can be delivered to the customer as well on his request.

  • High-Quality Products
  • 24/7 customer service available
  • Mass production service
  • Affordable Prizes
  • The products are eco friendly

Services of Stainless Steel Tube Suppliers

There are multiple services that you can avail from them. The fabrication of various products is one of the critical services that they provide. You can place your order of pipes, flanges, fittings, tubes, and fasteners for top-notch fabrication. Material that they have for fabricating your products include titanium, stainless or carbon steel grades such as TP304/304L, TP321, TP304H, Duplex steel grades, including S32760, S32750, nickel alloy grades such as Hastelloy C276, Incoloy800, Inconel600, Monel400, etc.


Proper quality checks and tests are done before delivery to make sure that products meet the desired standards. Then they have the service of laser cutting of your requirements. They can make parts cutting of intricate designs, drillings holes of various sizes, and cutting disks or rings of different sizes.

They also offer after-sales services for their customers to solve their issues. These services include drilling, welding, piping prepare, and slitting. The prizes are also quite affordable, making them an ideal choice for getting your tubes or fasteners ready in no time.

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  • October 10, 2020

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