Steps To Follow When Selecting the Best Vape Juice to Get Buzzed
By Antonio

Steps To Follow When Selecting the Best Vape Juice to Get Buzzed

There is a first time for everything, including vaping.  But, if it is not your first time to vape, you must have shopped for your CBD vape from a reliable supplier. However, probably it was not a pleasant experience because you didn’t know how to choose the best.

First thing first, you must have a vaping cartridge and Hleefcig have a wide range of quality products. Next, you have to know how to choose the best fruit e juice for vaping. Below are tips to follow when selecting the best vape juice to get buzzed.

Pick a flavor

There are different types of vape juice flavors. Those flavors include fruit flavor and cocktail flavor. The taste you choose determines how much you’ll enjoy vaping.

It’s simple to pick the best vape juice to get buzzed because you can choose a familiar flavor you’ve used in the past; either in desserts or cigarettes. Fortunately, there is a rise of new brands offering new flavors. Thus, if you’ve run out of flavors, there is a chance to try new ones in future. If you’re just a beginner here are some options to choose from

  • Naked 100

It’s a premium vape which has a variety of other flavors including yogurt, melon berries and continues to come up with different flavors.

  • Air factory

It has a 100 ml juice. That means you can start by purchasing a small bottle before you decide to settle on the flavor and buy bigger bottles.

  • Black note

              It’s a pure tobacco flavor. If you are a tobacco lover, then this might become your favorite option.

  • Iced up chocolate

It is highly recommended because it leaves you with a refreshing minty taste.

  • Hawaiian pog

Hawaiian flavor is a combination of guava, passion, and orange, which are natural flavors. It has no artificial added flavors making it an ideal choice for vape beginner.

  • Bourbon tobacco

When the word bourbon crosses your mind, then you know it’s a high-quality flavor. Bourbon alcohol is delicious, now imagine a vape with the same taste.

best vape juice to get buzzed

Nicotine level

Get the right amount of nicotine level. Start with the medium levels because if its too little you might be tempted to take more cartridges and if it’s too much, you might experience headaches.

Type of vape

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are the main ingredients used to make vape. However, some are produced using just one and others both of the components. Therefore, test both and decide which you love.

Additionally, you can choose a vape juice that has both ingredients with different ratios. For example, some come in proportions of 50/50 others 60/40. Whichever type you like it’s available in vape shops. You can research on how to choose nicotine level e juice to come up with a defined answer.


If you’re concerned on how to find your perfect e-liquid, follow the steps above. However, the most important thing is to purchase something of quality, and you will enjoy it. Good luck with finding the best vape juice to get buzzed.

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  • June 28, 2019

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