Take Your First Step to Success with a Metal Prototype
By Antonio

Take Your First Step to Success with a Metal Prototype

What is the importance of metal prototyping?

Our manufacturing processes crumble due to a lack of planning. Prototyping can occur in all fields in that before completing a product, you must first make its preliminary product. This preliminary product is what we are calling a prototype. Metal prototypes offer you a chance to visualize and adjust your product’s design before releasing it into the market. Many designers prefer using metal prototyping instead of plastic since metal has important attributes that cannot be found in plastic. These are;

  • Heat resistance
  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Versatility

The type and importance of a prototype will vary with stages. In the first stage of prototyping, you may have a proof of concept prototype. This prototype is meant to show that you have an idea, and the final product can function. Proof of concept will help deduce production cost; however, the data collected here may not be necessarily accurate. Another is the visual prototype. A visual prototype is used to showcase the appearance, dimension, and size of a manufactured product. It is mainly meant to give customers an idea of what the product will look like and get quick feedback. This way, you can easily change or adjust the design accordingly. A visual prototype is done mainly through 3D printing, although other methods are still applicable.

We also have a working prototype. A working prototype is usually functional but is not engineered for manufacturability. Manufacturers use it to test and do some market research before releasing the final product. Fine-tuning and final adjustments are made to ensure that the final product meets the market’s standards. Finally, we have a pre-production prototype, or as we like calling it, factory sample. You do not want to produce a lot, and you have not tested the market. These factory samples are produced in low volumes and are distributed among outlets shops before the final release.

Importance of Metal Prototypes

Why go for a prototype when you can jump straight into production?

Save Time

It is common to hear manufacturers saying that they do not have time for prototyping. Generally, prototyping is much faster that implementation. As you are prototyping, you learn more about your product, which will make implementation faster since you already know what you are working on. In the end, your product will not have issues, and you can jump right into distribution.

Save Money

With metal prototypes, you will save money since the production cycle is shorter and cost-efficient. A prototype does not require a lot of output such that you can have one person working on it and later bring in the whole team. You can also opt to engage the full team to work on multiple prototypes.

Quick Feedback

Creating a prototype will give your customers an idea of the product, and in turn, you will get their views. From here, you can adjust your product according to the needs of your customers. This will eliminate the conflict of interest in the final products ensuring that they sell out.

Prototyping is an essential stage of manufacturing, and foregoing it is planning to fail. Like a business plan, a prototype will guide you through the manufacturing process to ensure that your product is of quality.

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  • September 27, 2020

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