The Process of Conducting Feasibility Studies
By Antonio

The Process of Conducting Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is a word used in the industry of product development processes. The subject focuses on three main topics, known as technical, operational, and scheduling. In economic science is a standard proceeding of the feasibility study. In a technical study, the word is often used in various ways, as indicated in this blog post. To learn more about the steps of feasibility studies in regard to metalworking, you can click here.

Assessing the feasibility of a new product

In the process of conducting the feasibility of a product, an industrialist should garner useful information and then perform a detailed analysis of the feasibility or create a business case for the new product. In this case, the product should be metallic.

The following questions should be evaluated as the foundation of the feasibility stage.

Is it actual?

Find out if there is a real market for the product. Which markets can benefit from the product? Would consumers purchase it? Is there an opportunity for marketing the product? What about technical capabilities? How big is the opportunity to market your product?

Market analysis

Would you win? You should analyze the marketing environment and establish if the proposed product is competitive. Define and understand the strengths of a product. Determine the price, innovative features, and time to market. Is it competitive enough?


Sustainability is a determining factor in the feasibility of a product. You should find out if the product is competitive enough. Is it sustainable too? What competitive response should you expect?

The worth of the product

Its value determines the worth of a product. Do you have a realistic estimate of sales? What of revenue? The developmental costs should be acceptable and better than those of competitors. The return on investment should also be adequate.

Assess Risks

The risks involved in metal production should be understood. They should also be acceptable. Find out if the product is in line with your strategy. These are profitability questions that should be answered with formality. The response is indicative of the projected revenues over product life.

Your feasibility study should start with planning. It would be best if you focused on the unserved demands, where the market demand is higher than supply. You should also assess the product or service and determine the advantage appended to it. Thereafter, you can determine the market price of the product. Does it fit effectively into the market?

After the groundwork of the steps above has been laid, it is time to set up your organization and your planned business operations. This is not really superficial in any way, it needs to be thorough and it must also cover the start-up cost and fixed investment.

Over and above, it needs to cover the total operating costs. Such costs address items such as merchandising techniques and the use of metal in various industrial sectors.

Final Thoughts

This is everything you need to know about the feasibility study of the metallic industrial product. If you need a tool to hasten the process, you can read the next blog post for additional information.

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  • September 18, 2020

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