What Is Happening In The Vaping Industry?
By Antonio

What Is Happening In The Vaping Industry?

Joseph Robinson is one of the pioneers of the vaporizing industry. He came up with the idea in 1972. Since then, the market has been expanding with different investors, such as Herbert Gilbert, taking the prime lead in creating new retail outlets. Over the years, more business professionals have joined the sector to sell e-cigarettes. But, recently, healthcare practitioners have been cautioning users on the dangers of smoking e-cigs. If you need to get more details about the E-cig industry, click here to learn more about some of those issues highlighted in the vaping industry. But in the meantime, below are some of the critical happenings that are considered to touch the vaping industry.

    1. There’s An Outbreak Of Illnesses

The CDC and other health departments recently announced that there’s an outbreak of illnesses associated with vaping. To be sure of these findings, they conducted research. Researchers from different health fraternities investigated an outbreak of lung injury. They concluded that vaping products have contributed to the rise of various illnesses. Therefore, be aware of these findings. Probably, the right decision for such individuals is quitting all the same.  

  2. A Look At The Industry Insight

Vaping has been evolving since 2013. Therefore, a few advancements have been made to increase sales. For instance, the devices used are more efficient; for example, the battery lasts longer than before. Secondly, the number of flavors has also increased significantly, and because of these pleasant flavors/smells, more smokers are turning to e-cigs instead of traditional cigarettes. Other than that, electronic cigarettes are cost-effective.

     3. The Invention Of Tube Mods

Tube mods are a unique version of vape pens. However, they are bigger and thicker. Some can also be all-in-one. This implies that they contain a built-in tank coupled with a battery. At the same time, others may contain separate parts within the docket that should have a battery and a tank. Perhaps it’s more important to note that tube mods have a single button control. This element supports several vaping materials, including e-juice, as well as concentrates.

      4. A Look At The Distribution Channels

In the past, e-cigars were mainly distributed through retail outlets like gas stations. As the vape industry continues to boom, more business professionals have delved into the business. Faced with the desire to expand their territories in the market, they have settled for owning more, new distribution channels. These markets are segmented into retail stores as well as online selling platforms, and of course, they are profitable.


    5. An Insight Into The Components Of E-Cigs

Batteries primarily power electronic cigarettes. These devices operate by vaporizing some liquid solution to the consumer. They come in several flavors that contain different chemicals, as well. Being a nicotine delivery system, an e-cigarette contains aerosol too.


The e-market is continuously moving towards the fragmented market. As the market flourishes, upcoming retailers are focusing on enhancing the quality of the product. As the competition rises, healthcare practitioners are warning consumers to satiate their appetite for nicotine carefully because e-cigs have several health defects.

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  • October 31, 2019

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