What Are The Advantages Of A Gear Motor?
By Antonio

What Are The Advantages Of A Gear Motor?

A gear motor is a mechanism that adjusts the speed of an electrical motor, making them operate at a specific rate. They reduce high speed to a lower one and increases torque without affecting the mechanism negatively. It is a combination of the gearbox and electric motor. A gear motor uses AC(alternating current ) or DC (direct current) power, which varies in sizes, shapes, and gearing type. The most common ones are the right angle gear motors that use bevel, hypoid, or worm gearing and inline gear motor that use planetary gear spursets. You can check out types of gears and other products for purchase on geared motors. Below, we discuss why a gear motor is essential.

Advantages of gear motors

  • Low costs

 Gear motors reduce speed and multiply torque, therefore, reduce the total cost of the operating system. There is also no need to buy an electric motor and gearbox separately since they are combined in a gear motor. The installation process is cheap and requires low maintenance. Also, the amount of repairs is relatively low. Due to reduced speed, smaller motors and drives are used.  

  • Reduction of speed.

Gear motors decrease the speed of a system and maximize its torque. The feature sometimes makes them known to many as reducers.  Speed reduction also improves the performance of the system, as many motors do not operate efficiently at low rpm.

  • Compact design

With the gearbox and electrical motor being housed together, less space is needed, lubrication can easily be controlled, thus reducing the risk of any leakage and possible overheating. The design also allows for a large velocity ratio to be obtained with minimum space.

  • Quiet operation

The motor operates smoothly because the DC and gearbox are enclosed in an individual casing, and there is more surface contact; thus, the system can withstand more torque. Rolling is also much softer. The accuracy of the gear and optimized tooth flank brought about by tooth grinding helps in low noise production.  Proper alignment is also achieved due to the arrangement. Misalignment may lead to bearing failure and abrasion.

  • Optimum energy efficiency

DC motor and gearhead are usually well matched. Due to this, efficient energy needed to power the gear motor is produced. It also extends the durability of your equipment.

  • Torque multiplication

Gears and the number of teeth on the gear motor generate a specific ratio. The ratio depends on the torque the motor can produce. If an engine generates 100lbs of torque and a gear head attached to its output has a ratio of 5:1, then the torque will be around 500lbs; therefore, the torque  multiplies


Gear motors are an essential part of a mechanical system. The advantages are a great attraction to anyone looking to purchase one though you must understand the type of gear you need first. You can choose to buy a separate gearhead or go with one that is integrated into a motor. It is entirely dependant on your goals.

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  • May 7, 2020

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